Percolator vs Drip Coffee Machine: What’s the Distinction?

Percolator vs Drip Coffee Machine: What's the Distinction?

It’s the fight of the old-school coffee machine. These 2 devices have actually been around for years and have actually been completely attempted and checked. We check out where these 2 shine and where they fail.

When it pertains to percolator vs drip coffee, which one is best for you? Read our guide to learn.

Coffee Percolators

The coffee percolator may appear a little old made today, however its creation was a huge action towards developing much better coffee. Prior to this, individuals were making coffee by simply boiling water premises– a coffee developing approach called a preparation

Individuals produced the percolator to produce a cleaner cup of coffee, devoid of the premises. It’s rather comparable to French Press coffee.

The percolator works by heating water till there suffices pressure to press it up through a tube. It then fails the coffee premises and is gone back to the water tank. The water continues this cycle till eliminated from the heat, developing the more powerful coffee that is the maker’s signature. This does provide percolator coffee a little bit of a bum rap for being over-extracted, however fans state this is a problem of how you utilize it:

The percolator’s track record for producing bitter coffee is most likely more to do with individuals percolating coffee for too long.

Here’s a more comprehensive post on how it works. With a little attention and the best method to information, you must have the ability to get a strong however not exaggerated coffee.

Drip Coffee Makers

The arrival of the drip coffee machine was a death knell for the modest percolator. The style entirely automated the procedure, minimizing user mistake, and permitting individuals to do other things while their coffee brewed.

A drip coffee machine deals with the very same theory as a pour-over, however the resulting coffee varies considerably. The water is warmed in the maker, leaking gradually through the ground coffee to produce a moderate however smooth brew.

I enjoy having the ability to actually taste the beans in drip coffee– espresso is fantastic however I like expanding the experience.

Drip coffee might not have the punch of other developing techniques, however it does permit you to taste the subtleties of the coffee. Simply understand that the warming plate, which is among the considerable benefits of the drip devices, can be harmful to the taste.

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If you wish to see how drip coffee accumulates compared to French press, we have a guide for that too.

Comparing the information: Percolator vs Drip Coffee Machine

Now that you understand a bit about these devices, how does percolator coffee vs drip compare? The approach is something, however in the end, it boils down to which one will match you finest in regards to your requirements and your tastes.

Percolator vs Drip Coffee Machine: What's the Distinction?

Ease of use/skill needed

You actually can’t go too far incorrect with timeless drip coffee machine. The procedure is automated from start to end up. Unless you forget to include the coffee premises or fill the water tank, you’ll have a terrific cup of coffee whenever with no concerns.

Programmable drip coffee machine will let you change strength or keep-warm temperature level, however the rest is automated once these are set.

Stovetop percolators need some practice to utilize. You may require to experiment with variables if you desire to ideal your coffee. There’s likewise the possibility that you may leave it ignored and entirely burn your brew. Still, modern-day percolators will get a few of the aspects of human mistake. Brew temperature level is managed, and a lot of will change to a keep-warm mode when they end up the developing procedure.

WINNER: The drip maker triumphes for this one. Getting your hands on a fresh cup of coffee is actually simply a matter of including the premises and snapping a switch.


The flipside to any automation when it pertains to coffee devices is the absence of control you have. Some high-end drip devices permit you to program aspects such as brew strength or keep-warm temperature level, however eventually, this is an automated procedure.

You will require to reach a particular water temperature level to begin the percolation; how rapidly you arrive, however the length of time you keep it boiling and the length of time it remains in the heat depends on you. The percolator itself is likewise variable. Together with the option of electrical or stovetop, you’ll likewise get the choice of products like stainless-steel, ceramic, and glass.

WINNER: The percolator’s manual usage settles when it pertains to making modifications to the brew. Plus, it’s the just one of the 2 that you can handle an outdoor camping journey.


Both of these devices are developed to brew several cups of coffee at the same time. Unlike an espresso maker or Aeropress, the drip and the percolator maker are far more family-friendly. Leak coffee machine will brew as much as 14 cups, and it’s simple to see why they’re such a popular coffee maker for workplaces.

House percolators go to about the very same size as a drip coffee maker, typically with an optimum capability of 12 cups. If you have actually ever had coffee from an urn at a catered occasion, that is a big percolator you’re consuming from.

WINNER: If you’re trying to find a domestic maker, both of these coffee machine have a quite equivalent capability.


The distinction in taste in between these 2 devices is because of how the coffee and water are incorporated. With drip coffee machine, it’s basically an automated pour-over method. The warm water passes simply when through the premises, developing a moderate, smooth brewed coffee. For the very best taste, do not leave the coffee pot on the warming plate.

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Those who swear by their percolator enjoy the reality that the coffee is so vibrant. The continuously flowing water is passed several times through the premises to develop this full-bodied brew. This is likewise the approach’s failure, as keeping it moving needs boiling water (or near it), which can burn the coffee or over-extract.

WINNER: While it does boil down to individual choice, in the end, we’re going to need to go with the drip coffee machine. It does not have the strength of perked coffee, however it does deal with the beans with a little bit more regard.

The decision

This may not be the response you’re trying to find, however the fact is that when it pertains to coffee, everything depends upon what you like to consume. Each maker has its cons and pros, its fans, and its critics.

If you desire an entirely fuss-free experience each early morning (and let’s face it, who does not?), you can’t pass by the automated drip devices. It’s a sure-fire approach of developing constant coffee that needs absolutely nothing more than filling it up and changing it on. It’ll even keep your coffee warm if you’re preparing a 2nd cup.

For those who like their very first cup of joe to be strong and hot, percolator coffee will provide you that kickstart to the day. You’ll likewise have the capability to fine-tune your brew time to attain the ideal strength if you choose a stovetop variation.

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