A Bugatti espresso machine to drink coffee at full speed

A Bugatti espresso machine to drink coffee at full speed

A German car designer, Sajdin Germond, has come up with this idea that could seduce many. Lovers of coffee and beautiful cars will be spoiled and we must admit that this espresso machine has a certain cachet.

There is no doubt that this designer is as inspired as he is talented. This visual of a Bugatti coffee machine is a real success. Even if it’s only a concept, we all know a caffeine fanatic who would be willing to pay a lot of money to install this in his kitchen.

To create this, Sajdin Germond was inspired by the mythical Bugatti 35 from the 1920s. A monument of automotive history that adds its letters of nobility with brio to an everyday object.

One can be a lover of beautiful machines and strong espressos. This is apparently the case of Sajdin Germond, a German designer who seems to have a soft spot for the French manufacturer Bugatti and for caffeine. Indeed, he has just unveiled the visuals of a capsule machine inspired by a motorsport legend, the Bugatti 35, holder of 2,000 competition victories in the 1920s, after all.

Every detail has been thought of

A Bugatti espresso machine to drink coffee at full speedThe front of the car is perfectly in line with the shape of a modern coffee machine and that’s why this design is so successful.

The front grill is obvious, while other small details may escape us at first sight, but they are still there. For example, the cup holder has air vents like the 1920 model.

The concept is also available in blue, like the original car, but also in brown for those who like sobriety or a light green of the most beautiful effect.

As you can see, this is only a study for the moment, but who knows, it could inspire the Alsatian carmaker to get closer to some companies specialized in this field.

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It is therefore almost identical to the front of the car. The cup holder is equipped with air vents, like the front part of the 34 model. But of course, it’s the front grille of the coffee maker that catches the eye with its characteristic grill. While it used to protect the various elements of the radiator while allowing air to circulate to cool the car, it serves here as a purely decorative element. The Bugatti logo on the front of the coffeemaker houses the nozzle(s) for dispensing the beverage.

A Bugatti espresso machine to drink coffee at full speedAs with any self-respecting Nespresso coffee maker, the capsule is inserted from the top of the machine. The radiator cap must be rotated backwards in a gesture that is necessarily august. It’s a safe bet that the coffee extraction will start as soon as the cap is put back in place, because the coffee maker doesn’t seem to have any appendix as vulgar as a start button… The machine obviously has a water tank closed by another golden cap at the back of the upper part. Nevertheless, the opening seems to be quite small and the filling is likely to be complicated and much less fast than a pit stop during a Grand Prix.

Purists will, of course, turn to the blue coffee pot to continue the tradition. At the beginning of the last century, racing car manufacturers had to choose one color per nation to differentiate their models from the competitors, and the French (including Ettore Bugatti) selected blue. Nevertheless, several shades were tried and a black model can also be distinguished.

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Despite its undeniable appeal (to motorsport fans, at least), the Bugatti capsule machine is for the moment only a design exercise and should never go beyond the concept stage… Unless, of course, some bigwig at Nespresso decides that this model would go perfectly with his black car.

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