How Does a Coffee Percolator Work?

How Does a Coffee Percolator Work?

Have you brewed coffee with a percolator? Curious about this retro style that’s still popular after all these years?

If you enjoy hot and strong coffee, you may be a percolator fan. In this short article, we’ll discuss what it is and how it works. I wager by the end, you’ll be lured to provide it a shot!

What is a percolator?

A coffee percolator is a traditional method of making coffee that was most popular prior to the creation of drip coffee devices. However it continues to have some devoted fans. It’s a coffee developing gadget that appears like a kettle. Inside, near-boiling water is constantly cycled through ground coffee, yielding a more powerful brew the longer the biking continues.

There are 2 kinds of percolator: stovetop and electrical. They work basically the very same method, simply utilizing various heat sources. An electrical percolator has an electrical heating component in the base and requires to be plugged into a socket. On the other hand, a stovetop percolator needs an external heat source, like a burner or flame.

Electric percolators can be more costly, however they have the benefit of turning off instantly and frequently use a keep-warm function.

On the other hand, stovetop percolators are less costly and are popular with campers as one of the simplest methods to brew a big quantity of coffee with just a campfire. The disadvantage to the stovetop technique is that it needs your complete attention.

Percolator or Moka Pot?

Percolators are frequently puzzled with Moka pots, however they are really various developing approaches. The confusion develops since both are stovetop approaches that begin with a basket of ground coffee over a water chamber. The resemblances end there; they utilize really various developing concepts.

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The percolator utilizes gravity to constantly cycle the water through the ground coffee as it brews. On the other hand, the Moka pot utilizes steam pressure to require the water through the coffee simply when. Since the Moka pot extraction is much quicker, you utilize a much finer grind of coffee. Moka pot coffee is really strong, nearly like a shot of espresso. Percolator coffee can be strong too however has a body more like drip coffee.

How a percolator works

A percolator is a pot with a chamber at the bottom. A tube ranges from the chamber to the top of the vessel, and a perforated basket sits near television’s top. There’s a heat source at the bottom, either external or internal.
To brew coffee, fill the bottom chamber with water and the upper basket with coarsely ground coffee, and turn on the heat.

When warmed, the steam develops a vacuum that draws water up the main tube. It then showers down over the ground coffee back to the chamber listed below. This procedure is duplicated up until the coffee is the strength you desire.

To see a percolator in action, here’s a video:


Throughout developing, you desire a temperature level that keeps a mild bubbling in the chamber. This is called “perking.” Many percolators have a glass knob or cover so you can see the action.

Why utilize a percolator?

For fans of percolated coffee, there is actually no other developing technique that yields the very same design of coffee. It makes a strong and hot cuppa joe.

Since it utilizes hotter water than the majority of developing approaches, over-extraction is an issue, resulting in bitter tastes.

For something, the high heat required to develop the steam pressure that motivated the vacuum is hot enough to highlight astringent, nearly metal tastes in the coffee.

However fans declare this is quickly prevented by thoroughly managing the temperature level throughout developing.

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If you’re seeking to perk up your coffee regimen, attempt a coffee percolator. Who understands? This retro developing technique may be your next huge thing!


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