How To Choose An Espresso Machine: Boilers

How To Choose An Espresso Machine: Boilers

Join Charles at Clive Coffee as he begins a series breaking down the most important parts of an espresso machine, how they work and why it’s valuable to know about them to make an informed decision about which to choose.

This video focuses on the three most common boiler arrangements: Single Boiler, Dual Boiler, and Heat Exchanger. Each type of espresso machine has its own pros and cons. For many new home baristas it can be a challenge to figure out which of these designs will best fit their preferred coffee drink while also being the best fit for their home. Whether you prefer straight espresso, americanos, cappuccinos, or lattes we have a machine that’ll create the home espresso experience you’ve been looking for.

The three machines used in this video:

Single Boiler – Special Edition ECM Classika PID:

Dual Boiler – Lucca A53 Mini:

Heat Exchanger – ECM Mechanika V Slim:

Please note that Clive Coffee also offers a grinder dial-in service if you prefer to have someone else do that hard work for you!

For more information on the importance of water and your machine:

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