How To Choose An Espresso Machine: Boilers

Join Charles at Clive Coffee as he begins a series breaking down the most important parts of an espresso machine, how they work and why it’s valuable to know about them to make an informed decision about which to choose. This video focuses on the three most common boiler arrangements:Continue Reading

How To: Pre-Infusion on E61 Brew Group Espresso

Learn how to test and use pre-infusion on espresso machines equipped with the E61 brew group. Marc from shows you how to test pre-infusion, covers misconceptions and discusses potential differences when using reservoir fed machines versus machine fed by a plumbed in waterline. sourceContinue Reading

Live Demo: How to Choose Prosumer Espresso Machines

Marc and Todd talk Prosumers Rocket R58: Rocket Appartamento: Profitec Pro 700 Flow Control: Profitec Pro 800: Ceado E6P: Ceado E37SQ Quick Set: Sette 270Wi: Maromas Orphea: Have any questions? Call us at 585-924-7170 WHOLE LATTE LOVE Talk to our experts: Whole Latte Love on Social Media ——————————————————— ► FollowContinue Reading

Breville Oracle: The World's 1st Automatic Manual

Marc and Morgan take an in-depth look at Breville’s the Oracle. It’s a semi-automatic espresso machine with a built in conical burr grinder. It automatically grinds and tamps into a portafilter with no wasted coffee. Steaming milk for lattes or cappuccinos is done manually or automatically. A user can setContinue Reading


TOP 7: Best Espresso Machines of 2020 1. Breville BES870BSXL – 2. De’Longhi EC155 – 3. DeLonghi EC702 – 4. Breville BES840XL/A – 5. Rancilio HSD-SILVIA – 6. Delonghi EC680M DEDICA – 7. DELONGHI ESAM3300 – 7. DELONGHI ESAM3300 – The new patented boiler of this machine is so compact,Continue Reading