How to Brew Coffee with a French Press – Tutorial

How to Brew Coffee with a French Press - Tutorial

Ohhhh the French Press – It is the device that looks far more sophisticated than it really is. Somewhere caught between prestigious and hippie, lies the French Press. It is super easy to use and believe me when I tell you… If I can do it, you can!

I was definitely under the weather this week and I have been dragging. But, I gave it my all as I have committed to putting out a video every Friday. I truly hope you enjoy and hit me up if you have any questions in the comments. Sorry again for my voice being jacked up.

Below is the French Press info: How to make french press at home.

How to brew?

Items Needed:
• French Press Coffee Maker.
• Scale.
• Coffee (Course Grind).
• Favorite coffee mug.
• An incredible attitude.
• Some beautiful background soul music.

French Press Ratio: Coffee to Water Ratio
• 30g of Coffee
• 480g of Water
• 195-200° Water at pour
• 3-4 Minute Brew time depending on extraction preference.

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• Tripod (Joby):
• 35mm 1.4 Lens:
• GoPro Hero 7:
• Music in Videos – Musicbed:

• Chemex:
• French Press:
• Aero Press:
• Hario V60:

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