How To: Pre-Infusion on E61 Brew Group Espresso

Learn how to test and use pre-infusion on espresso machines equipped with the E61 brew group. Marc from shows you how to test pre-infusion, covers misconceptions and discusses potential differences when using reservoir fed machines versus machine fed by a plumbed in waterline. sourceContinue Reading

How to Brew Coffee with the French Press

While the French Press brewing method is very popular, the details still matter. Our Master Barista, Ty Beddingfield, walks us through how to brew a delicious cup of coffee using the French Press brewing method. This brewing method video is a part of our Bean of the Week series andContinue Reading

How to Brew Coffee Using a Bodum French Press,

SHOP BODUM: Once you’ve found the perfect Bodum French Press Coffee Maker, it’s time to brew the perfect cup of coffee! In case you have questions, we’ve made a guide to show you how to brew coffee using a Bodum Chambord Coffee Press. Step by Step Instructions: Exceptional coffee experience,Continue Reading