4 reasons to choose coffee beans

4 reasons to choose coffee beans

A wide variety of coffee is commercially available. Why switch to coffee beans? The answers.

The art of roasting

Roasting organic coffee beans is an ancestral art that has long proved its worth. Green coffees are roasted to release their full aroma. This technique consists of roasting the beans. Thus, the taste of the “petit noir” varies according to the temperature and the duration of the roasting process. To ensure the success of this complex operation, roasters must master techniques that are often passed down from generation to generation. These craftsmen are also experienced in selecting quality coffees.

Better taste

Coffee beans are a local product, just like grapes for wine and cocoa for chocolate. It comes from many countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Bolivia or Mexico. Because of these many origins, each coffee offers an authentic flavor. In the shops, you have a variety of flavors and aromas: woody, full-bodied or spicy, with hints of hazelnut or chocolate. For the delight of fine gourmets, there are at least 800 aromas to be found in the tasting of a coffee bean.

An ecological coffee

Coffee beans are roasted using environmentally friendly processes. In addition, their packaging is also environmentally friendly. In fact, pods of coffee beans in capsules generate 10 times more waste than packages of traditional coffee beans. The use of the latter thus reduces the impact of man on the environment.

An attractive price

According to a study by MaxiCoffee, coffee beans are much more affordable than coffee capsules. As an indication, a person drinks an average of 5 coffees per day, which is equivalent to 150 coffees per month. Generally, a capsule contains 5.5 g of coffee and an espresso offered in bars contains on average 7.5 g.

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You also avoid the cost of packaging and you don’t pay for a container that is not very environmentally friendly. What’s more, coffee beans are a much higher quality fresh product without necessarily costing more.

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