Totally vs Semi Automatic Coffee Machines: Which Is Much better?

Totally vs Semi Automatic Coffee Machines: Which Is Much better?

Checking out the alternatives of a coffee device for your house can be intimidating.

If you’re seeming less hands-on to get your early morning coffee, automated coffee makers are exceptional in keeping a constant quality without the complex actions. Typically, there are 2 primary kinds of automated coffee makers– Semi Automatic (SACM) and Totally Automatic (FACM). When choosing which is much better for you, both provide a various set of advantages however can posture an obstacle.

In this post, we break down the distinctions in between these coffee makers so that you can select which is best for your spending plan, way of life, and choices.

What is a Semi Automatic Coffee Maker?

A person fitting a coffee portafilter into a coffee machine
Semi Automatic Coffee Machines need the maker to grind coffee beans and tamper the premises by hand prior to fitting the portafilter into the coffee device. Including the De’Longhi Dedica Metal. I

If you have actually checked out a coffee shop and seen a barista utilizing a maker to make a cup of coffee, it is more than likely a SACM.

It looks after important developing elements such as water temperature level and pressure, however still needs the maker to by hand grind coffee beans, tamper the premises, and froth milk. The automated part of a SACM is where it quickly pumps pressurised warm water through the jam-packed coffee premises upon triggering its developing function.

What is a Totally Automatic Coffee Maker?

A person pressing a button on a coffee machine's display screen
With a Totally Automatic Coffee Maker, you take pleasure in a newly brewed cup of coffee with simply one touch. Including the De’Longhi PrimaDonna S Evo.

Simply as its name recommends, a FACM takes all the guess-work out of developing espresso. Consider it as the FACM having a brain of its own, making the very best options to produce the best cup of coffee for you.

From grinding the coffee beans to tampering the premises, pulling the espresso shot and frothing milk, the push of one button will set off the whole coffee-making procedure.

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Let’s take a much deeper check out the different functions and elements that separate a FACM and SACM.

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Technical Functions

A person frothing milk using a steam wand attached to a coffee machine
Semi Automatic Coffee Machines include a steam wand to by hand froth milk for a best latte and coffee. Including the De’Longhi Dedica Metal. Image from De’Longhi.

A fundamental SACM has an electrical pump that links the boiler to the water tank. Each time the device is triggered, water is drawn from the tank and required through the boiler into your coffee premises. The majority of SACMs likewise include a steam wand for frothing milk and to give warm water.

FACMs have the exact same functions as SACMs, however with extra programmable functions and incorporated mills. This implies you do not need to study how to make a perfect cup of coffee besides pushing a button.

A person pressing a button on a coffee machine's display screen
Personalise your coffee drinks with De’Longhi’s line of Totally Automatic Coffee Machines. Including the De’Longhi Maestosa. Image from De’Longhi.

Its programmable functions permit you to customise your coffee based upon your choices. This consists of picking your favored brew strength, the water amount, and drink option. In spite of having a series of customisation alternatives, De’Longhi’s FACMs include an instinctive display screen that is to utilize.

Additionally, you do not need to fret about cleaning up the device after each usage as De’Longhi’s FACMs include a simple tidy system that immediately washes itself when you turn the device off.

Did you know that all coffee machines need to be descaled once every 3 months? Here’s why and how.


a coffee machine placed on a kitchen table
Customise and conserve your coffee dishes with any of De’Longhi’s Totally Automatic Coffee Machines. Including the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus. Image from De’Longhi.

The bottom line: if you brew your coffee right, you will get a great-tasting cup of coffee.

With SACMs, you are the one in charge of your coffee as you have nearly complete control over the espresso shot. Depending upon your choice, you can change the grind size, choose when the shot ought to be pulled, and select just how much or little coffee to utilize. The very best part of it? You can froth as much milk as you desire and fine-tune your barista abilities!

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Nevertheless, this level of control over SACMs can be challenging for beginner makers. A basic error such as utilizing the wrong grind size or utilizing excessive premises can lead to a bitter or sour-tasting brew.

This is where the FACM is available in.

FACMs are more than a modern-day development. FACMs manage important developing aspects that can make or break a coffee. From temperature level control and grind size, to the best quantity of coffee premises utilized and giving milk with the perfect density, a FACM makes sure a supreme coffee taste.

With De’Longhi’s line of FACMs, you can likewise take pleasure in the versatility of customising your drinks. Whether it’s a latte, espresso, or coffee , you can manage the factors that affect the taste of your brew


Typically, due to its comprehensive abilities, a FACM will cost more than a SACM. Generally, the much better the innovation, the greater the cost. If you want to pay a premium for benefit and a technology-driven coffee device, a FACM is the method to go.

Although it might look like a high financial investment for a house coffee device, opportunities are it will spend for itself within a year if you are a coffee shop routine. Investing in a FACM and SACM will conserve the expense of purchasing different coffee devices such as a grinder or milk frother

Your Way Of Life

A person pouring latte art into a cup of coffee
If you take pleasure in making your own coffee or producing latte art, a Semi Automatic Coffee Maker will be a best addition to your house. Including the De’Longhi La Specialista. Image from De’Longhi.

If you have a hectic way of life, tamping and grinding your own beans may not be the most time-efficient for you. Because case, a FACM will be the very best option, specifically considering that you do not need to device after each usage.

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On the other hand, if you take pleasure in making your own cup of coffee and wish to integrate it as a “minute” in your day, a SACM will offer you with an intimate connection to your developing experience.

Which is much better for me?

A comparison table between a semi automatic coffee machine and a fully automatic coffee machine

All in all, it comes down to how included you wish to remain in the coffee-making procedure, your spending plan, and coffee making understanding. If you are one that takes pleasure in having a hands-on experience with coffee making and have a smaller sized spending plan, a SACM such as the De’Longhi Active Line will be the best device for you.

On the contrary, if you work on a hectic schedule however can not get your day going without a best cup of coffee, a FACM will be a present that continues offering. If you are brand-new to FACMs, the De’Longhi Dinamica is a great start.

Regardless which device you select, you will absolutely take pleasure in the benefit of developing your preferred coffee drinks in your own cooking area.

With De’Longhi’s range of FACM and SACM fitting various spending plans, tastes, and individual choices, there is definitely a coffee device that matches your requirements.

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