Espro Travel Coffee Press Overview

Espro Travel Coffee Press Overview

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The Espro Travel Press, featuring Espro’s patented dual-layer french press filter design, is now in a travel-friendly package. This travel-sized brewer makes 10 fl oz of smooth press coffee, and the vacuum insulated tumbler keeps it hot for your entire commute. The patented filter design keeps excess mud and silt out of your brew, and staves off overextraction while you’re on the road. Use the optional paper filters (included) for an even cleaner cup, highlighting your favorite bright and fruity beans. The compact size and spill-proof lid make it the perfect car companion, and the whole press fits right in your cup holder.

To brew with the Espro press, grind about 15 grams of coffee medium coarse, like coarse sea salt. Add it to the press with 225-250 grams of hot water, and allow to steep for 3-4 minutes. Then, press the filter down, screw on the lid, and take your freshly brewed coffee on the road with you! Want somebody else to do the brewing for you? Just unscrew the filter and press, and leave them at home. The tumbler will hold around 15 fl oz of your favorite coffee or tea once the press is removed.


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