Cappucino, espresso, latte… Do you know the difference between these coffees?

Cappucino, espresso, latte... Do you know the difference between these coffees?

Have you ever hesitated in front of the list of coffees on a menu, not knowing which one to order? Cappuccino, macchiato, latte… all of these coffees have similar ingredients, but differ somewhat from each other!

The espresso

If you leave out filter coffee, which is made from hot water that flows over ground coffee contained in a filter, all coffees have one or two shots of espresso as their base. It is then the additional ingredients, as well as the proportion of milk and milk foam added, that make the difference.

An espresso is a very strong coffee obtained by percolation with the use of an espresso machine. The coffee beans, finely ground, are packed in a filter holder through which the hot water passes very quickly.

The elongated, or American coffee, is an elongated espresso with two doses of hot water. It is an alternative that reminds a bit of filter coffee for those who find espresso too strong.

The macchiato

For lovers of strong coffee, the macchiato is a great option. It is an espresso with a little milk foam added. The latter adds a little bit of greediness and a very pleasant airy texture.

The cappuccino

Made with equal parts espresso, milk and milk foam, you can sprinkle a little cinnamon or chocolate on top. It’s a real treat, with a gourmet touch.

The latte and its variations

The latte will appeal more to those who prefer to savor a light coffee. It is composed of espresso, 2 doses of hot milk and a little milk foam. Served in a large bowl, it is the ultimate comfort drink.

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The breve is very similar to the latte, except that the hot milk is replaced by cream.

The flat white is a little less known. It is an espresso with an equal amount of hot milk added, but no milk foam.

Coffee as a dessert

The mocaccino, for example, is made with espresso, chocolate syrup, hot milk and whipped cream…. This blend of flavors is both comforting and delicious!

In the same vein, the affogato is an espresso poured over vanilla ice cream. For a “late night” version, it can also be accompanied by an alcoholic liqueur.

To end evenings on a more festive note, or when you want to combine digestive and coffee, there is also the famous Irish coffee. Composed of espresso, granulated sugar, whipped cream and whiskey, it brings a note of greediness at the end of the meal!


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