What Are Coffee Blends and How Are They Made?

What Are Coffee Blends and How Are They Made?

Have you ever drank on a cup of coffee made from 100% Arabica and wanted that it had simply a bit more flavour and richness to it? Do you like the full-bodied aftertaste of Liberica coffee however miss out on the citrus level of acidity of a Kenyan coffee?

You are not the very first to feel that method. That is why coffee roasters and companies have actually developed the best service– which service is no other than coffee blends.

What is a coffee mix?

Simply as its name recommends, coffee blends are made from integrating 2 or more single origin coffee beans to develop a special mix.

This is various from single origin coffee, where the beans are sourced from a single place, typically .

How are they made?

two bags of coffee beans placed in front of a coffee machine
Easy coffee blends such as the De’Longhi Kimbo Classic Coffee Beans are made from a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. 

To develop the best mix, roasters will require to choose which single origin coffee set well together, and choose the percentage of each.

Easy blends are made from blending 2 of the world’s most typical coffee beans– the Arabica and Robusta With the Arabica having a smooth caramel aftertaste and the Robusta having a strong flavour, mixing these beans provides a special balance of each. This is an uncomplicated method of including intricacy and increasing various roasting methods.

A coffee mix is not settled till the 4 components of coffee– taste, aroma, flavour, and body— are improved for completion customer.

Flavour Profile

strawberries and blueberries placed around a cup of cappucino
Combined coffee is finest taken in with milk, making it the favored option for espresso beverages such as coffees and lattes. 

A coffee mix is a method to develop special flavour mixes and taste profiles. Typical flavour profiles consist of chocolate, caramel, nuts, and honey. The resulting brew is frequently heavy-bodied with a robust and enduring aftertaste.

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Among the primary benefits of coffee blends is that it is not as overpowering as single origins. As an outcome, they are perfect as a base for your conventional espresso-based beverages such as coffees and lattes.

Why do roasters make coffee blends?

Coffee blends are provided for a plethora of factors. The mixes and ratios of developing a coffee mix are endless– not forgetting the darkness and lightness the roaster wants to take the beans to.

It likewise develops the best taste profile for the coffee taste profile of a nation, particular consumer needs, or a bespoke developing technique. The last mix is one that fits the end-consumer’s taste choice.

Although coffee is a day-to-day product, it is a seasonal item. Environment, seasonal modifications and natural catastrophes are simply a few of the different elements that impact a harvest. Coffee blends enable roasters to counter such variables by modifying the ratio or changing to other single origin beans to develop comparable flavour profiles.

The Increasing Appeal of Coffee Blends

a barista holding two drip coffee
In current days, home blends have actually ended up being a staple on a lot of coffee shop menus.

Coffee blends, till just recently, were referred to as the poorer cousin of single origin and specialty coffee That is since customers utilized to believe that blends were made to “conceal” the defects of not-so-good harvests of single origin beans.

However, think of every roaster on the planet roasting the exact same Kenyan single origin. That would be dull. That is why most modern specialized coffee shops use specialized or home blends since they wish to use something special to their consumers.

As an outcome, the 3rd wave’s focus on the farmer, along with the effect of digitalisation in the 4th wave has actually altered customers’ understanding of coffee blends. It is commonly valued these days.

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With coffee roasters like this Singapore Barista Champion and Malaysia’s home-grown Mister Coffee driving coffee development, the growing appeal of coffee blends amongst the more youthful population is an intriguing area to see.

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