Flair Espresso // Flair Signature PRO

Flair Espresso PELE PLANTATIONS ペレプランテーションズ 無農薬コナコーヒー Music by Dj Quads : ———————————————————————– Website : Instagram : @ryoya_takashima Other Youtube Channel : ———————————————————————– Equipments & etc: Camera : Sony A7SII Lens : FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM [SEL1635GM] Mic:RODE Videomic Pro+ Tripods:SLIK carbon 923 pro/ SLIK carbon 823 pro/ SLIK mini pro 7Continue Reading

Flair Signature Pro 2 Espresso Maker Overview

Flair’s manual espresso makers are smartly designed to be super functional as well as travel-friendly. The Signature Pro 2 offers true 9-bar espresso, lots of high quality metal parts, and it can even fit an Acaia Lunar scale! Watch our full overview to see what this fun little espresso makerContinue Reading