How do I maintain my manual espresso machine?

How do I maintain my manual espresso machine?

Coffee lovers, you certainly have a manual espresso machine at home. This one allows you to enjoy a coffee as in Italy, powerful and rich in aromas. It is a rather expensive machine that you use every day. It is therefore essential to give it the necessary maintenance to keep it as long as possible.

The more carefully your manual espresso machine is maintained, the more you will enjoy your coffee. We are going to give you some basic principles to take care of your machine. Remember that it is also important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your espresso machine. So, when you buy, make sure you keep all the documents that come with your machine: instructions, directions for use, advice for use.

Removing limescale from your manual espresso machine

To begin with, it is essential to filter the water you use in your manual espresso machine. Indeed, limestone is responsible for many operating problems. It clogs the pipes, damages the filters and is the main cause of the deterioration of your machine.

There are several techniques to prevent limescale from appearing on the components of your machine:

The first is to use a water softener. You will find many systems depending on the volume of water you use and the PH of the water you receive in your home ; you can also use a filter cartridge directly in your coffee machine. If you opt for this solution, be aware that there is no universal filter cartridge. You will need to check with the manufacturer of your manual espresso machine.

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The last and perhaps simplest solution is to filter the water with a filter jug before pouring it into your espresso machine. This is a simple solution to set up and does not require any technical skills.

Descaling your manual espresso machine

How do I maintain my manual espresso machine?If, despite the use of filtered water, you notice a deposit of scale on the components of your espresso machine, don’t wait to remove it. Limescale can quickly form plugs in the pipes and permanently damage your machine. The machine needs more energy to operate, the motor overheats and may burn out.

We recommend that you use a descaler on a regular basis to prevent scale deposits and to maintain your machine. If you use your machine on a daily basis and make several coffees a day, descaling once a month seems to be a good rhythm.

Simply pour the descaling agent into the machine’s reservoir and make several extractions in a row. Until the tank is completely empty. Then wait a few minutes so that the product can effectively dissolve the limescale. Finally, rinse your machine with clear water and repeat the operation, but without the descaler this time. Your espresso machine is clean and ready to make you good coffee.
Cleaning an espresso machine that offers milk drinks

If you are one of the gourmets who enjoy cappuccinos or milk drinks, it is essential to clean the milk ducts on a regular basis. Indeed, they can quickly become a nest of bacteria if their maintenance is neglected.

There are special products for manual espresso machines that can remove milk deposits in the pipes without being toxic. This prevents you from getting sick or spoiling the taste of your milk foam.

Do not attempt to clean the pipes with unsuitable products. These could harm your health or damage your machine. The aluminium parts do not tolerate detergents.

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